Welcome to Symbiosia...

caring for people and planet 
by having fun!


Not many people are keen to go to a nursing care home. 
Neither to live nor visit. 
Working in that sector can be a challenge too.

More people happily go to a leisure, eco or amusement park, to have fun and relax.

Symbiosia says: lets combine the two, environmentally friendly.

Symbiosia invites you to completely rethink how we organise residential nursing care in the UK.

Let go of how you imagine a nursing home to be. Embrace the new Symbiosia model for a future that makes everyone smile.

We have not yet built the full Symbiosia version.

We are looking for land and funding to make this happen.

But you can get already a taste of what Symbiosia will be like at our events. We look forward to seeing you.

You can help Symbiosias journey by

Relax at Symbiosia

Join one of our public Mindfulness events or book Corporate Wellness for your organisation.

Receive free support from Symbiosia

Symbiosia offers FREE face-to-face support with form filling and legal advice at different locations.

Work experience at Symbiosia

I designed Symbiosia's logo and I have learned so much from the process. Nur - Student University of Westminster, BA (hons) Communication Design.

Challenge the status quo

Join the Vision where Care, Nature, Community, Academia and Technology form a joyful symbiosis between people of all ages and stages in life.
Symbiosia offers a sustainable joyful care model
The King’s Fund has described the key problems in Social Care. Equally, going ‘into residential nursing care’ is often an emotive decision. It does not have to be like this. Symbiosia offers a model of joy and integration between the different generations.
Symbiosia believes in a beneficiary care model for all stakeholders.
On the 7th of September the government announced new money for Social Care. 
The question is: Are we there yet?  At Symbiosia we are not so sure. We are observing how in practice this will impact on the affordability of good residential nursing home care and staffing wages. We believe that we do have an adequate solution.
Symbiosia offers biodiversity, clean tech and ‘whole life carbon’ construction
Temperatures keep rising and our planet is gasping for air. Though lots of plastic is needed for infection control in a care setting, it is bad news for the environment. Equally, building ‘whole life carbon’ is niche. Symbiosia will stubbornly navigate all the current obstacles and become a proving ground for sustainability at all levels.
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