Symbiosia Tree of Friendship

Symbiosia's Tree of Friendship

Who needs a money tree, when you have a Tree of Friendship?

Below, are people who don't just believe in the vision, but also decided to donate their own money to bring #Symbiosia to realisation. Please contact if you too would like to contribute to the Tree of Friendship too or leave Symbiosia CIC in your legacy.
We are humbled by and extremely grateful to:
"Symbiosia is a vision which will redefine care for the elderly. At its core is a residential centre within the community it serves, in which the natural world provides both the setting and the support for that community. This is radical and timely, and deserves our support."
Emeritus Professor University of Nottingham
– Brian Ford
"There has never been a better time to look for a more sustainable model for social care that has the care and wellbeing of people and the environment at its heart. I have been involved in social care for over 30 years and this idea can not be more timely especially as my Mum has now been diagnosed with Dementia. I fully support Esther in her efforts to get this up and running. I want Symbiosia and I want it now".
Director KP Social Care Training Ltd
– Karen Patterson
"Should the time come that I need to be in a care home, then I want that home to be Symbiosia."
Senior Day Service Officer
– Fiona Mattis

"I have known Symbiosia's founder for many years and I am very impressed with how she passionately created the vision and her tenacious drive to bring it to completion."
Finance Business Partner, Chartered Accountant
– Johannes den Heijer ACMA, GCMA
"Living well when we're older is a right, not a luxury. Symbiosia encapsulates a passion for this right with a sustainable and ecological vision for care homes. I'm very proud to be associated with it."  
Head of Delivery & Implementation 
– Colin Paget
"It is a wonderful holistic vision of ethical, environmentally sensitive care,  informed by the founder's background working in Social Care over many years."

The Davies family
- Penny & Stephen

"Knowing the founder, Symbiosia the concept will be driven until it 'naturally' becomes the reality
Wishing every success."
Social Care Team Manager
– Paul Joyce
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Symbiosia's Tree of Friendship
– Thank YOU
" Having previously worked with Esther, I know that she is the perfect person to set up and develop a concept like this. Symbiosia has my vote."
Ex-member of staff 
– Ketil Sorhaug